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Reiki Practice/Share Group

Christmas Reiki share.jpg

Complimentary Reiki Practice group (Reiki Share) for Cedar Cove Wellness Reiki students for ongoing learning, support, guidance and practice

Upcoming date for Reiki share is: Sunday June 23rd 1-3pm.

We take turns offering Reiki to each other in small groups. Everyone will give and receive a Reiki session. The energy in the Reiki studio is amazing! 


We close our time together with an amazing Reiki healing circle, sending Reiki energy to others.


If you are planning on applying to become a registered Reiki practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association, you must have practiced Reiki for a minimum of 6 months from First Degree Reiki Level 1 and have completed 12 case studies with a minimum of 2 people.


Reiki Shares that you attend will give you one CEU which is equal to a one hour case study and may be applied towards registered Reiki practitioner or registered Reiki Master Teacher status with the Canadian Reiki Association. CEU's may not exceed half of the 12 case studies.


For more information to become registered with the Canadian Reiki Association and to download membership criteria, applications and case study forms link 


Susan Rouse is a registered Reiki Master Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.

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