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Deva the Irish Wolfhound Loves Animal Reiki

Recently I was asked to do an Animal Reiki Session for an ‘almost’ eight year old Irish wolfhound named Deva. Cindy wanted Deva to experience a Reiki session to help with her general well-being. As an Animal Reiki Practitioner for many years, it is always an honour to be invited to help animals find relief. 

Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a holistic healing technique which channels universal ‘life force’ energy from the practitioner into the receiver (animal or human). Gentle and non-invasive, Reiki energy assists the body’s natural ability to heal itself by speeding the restorative process, which in turn can increase vitality and reduce and even eliminate pain. Reiki treats body, mind and spirit. It cannot do harm and always works for the highest and greatest good of all. 

Walking into the kitchen, I felt Deva’s amazing energy, even before I saw her.  This beautiful Irish wolfhound came over to meet me and we connected immediately. I always ask permission (whether it be out loud or spiritually) from the animal to begin the Reiki session.  When I sat down Deva positioned her hips underneath my hands indicating the area where she wanted Reiki energy. Animals are highly intuitive and very open to Reiki energy.  They can show us where they need healing as Deva did. 

Sensing that the Reiki energy was a bit strong for her at first, Deva moved a short distance away from me and laid down on her bed. My hands were still sending her Reiki, but only as much as she could accept. Reiki energy can be used hands on, hands off (hovering above the animal’s body) or from across the room, as Deva had chosen. She was still drawing Reiki energy from me from across the room. Reiki can also be sent from distance (remotely) to anyone, anywhere in the world.

In a short time Deva decided it was time for more ‘hands on’ Reiki. She came close again and became very relaxed, sighing when my hands were on her back, showing great acceptance of the Reiki energy. Because animals, and people, draw Reiki energy from and through the practitioner, the animal is always in control of how long the Reiki session lasts and how much energy they accept. Reiki cannot be forced onto an animal, and when Deva knew she’d received enough Reiki and wanted the session to end, I felt the flow of energy through my hands slow down, and then stop. 

Some signs that animals are accepting Reiki may be sighing, relaxing, falling asleep, licking their lips, licking you, pushing their body into your hands and yawning.   Animals often just get up and walk away, another way of telling you that the session is finished. Reiki also opens us intuitively, which is such a true blessing in helping and connecting with animals. 

Deva’s companion Cindy was interested to learn that Reiki compliments and supports conventional veterinary medicine and other holistic therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and Bach flower remedies. My own pets’ veterinarian - and many other vets- approve of Reiki as an alternative, supportive and complimentary practice and was very happy to learn that I practice and teach Reiki.

For healthy animals, Reiki helps support and sustain their physical, emotional and behavioural conditioning.  It can accelerate the healing of surgeries, bruising, breaks, sprains, wounds, hotspots and insect bites. For animals coping with stress and other issues of everyday life, and for ‘rescue’ animals that are starting new lives and adjusting to changes, Reiki can be extremely beneficial. It can also be a blessing for animals that are older or ill by relieving pain from arthritis and other debilitating illnesses and diseases. Reiki is known to provide comforting energy to animals in transition by relieving pain, fear and anxiety, allowing the animal to pass away in peace. 

As our session came to an end Deva smiled at me with her gorgeous eyes. I smiled back, thanking her for allowing me to offer her Reiki. Because it’s such a gift to offer animals Reiki, they should always be acknowledged, thanked and appreciated. Reiki’s beneficial energy can also be infused (energized) into natural items like cotton towels or blankets, food and drink. I energized a towel for Deva and she loved it.


Virgil the miniature mule is such a cute boy, he was rescued from an auction where he was being mistreated. I have known and been offering Virgil, Animal Reiki since I started volunteering at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary in 2009. He is very smart and knows how to get what he wants, how to make the other animals move out of his way and also how to be compassionate. Virgil has also received the Reiki attunement for animals. I have seen Virgil using calming signals to help another animal, Stuart the hinny calm down and feel better.

Virgil stood close by when I was offering Stuart, Animal Reiki (or equine Reiki since Stuart is a member of the Equine family) helping him to feel better. Virgil was standing very close to myself and Stuart, yawning and looking very relaxed himself, to help Stuart feel better.


It is truly amazing the caring interactions that go on between animals at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary You can see in the second photo of Virgil, he has an orb over his heart chakra area, this tells you how extra special this boy is.

Holly receiving Reiki

Holly had kidney problems since she was one and a half years old. I know that using Reiki with her had helped her kidneys to continue to work and for her to feel well. Even when she was thirteen years old she still had the energy of a much younger dog. People that saw her were amazed of her age.

I had energized her blankets, food and water with Reiki energy to give her an extra boost of healing. Holly was attuned to Third Degree Reiki and I am positive this helped her health and well being. She even started 'helping' with Reiki attunements. Holly would come and stand beside me or one of the students while I passed the Reiki attunements.

Holly passed away close to her 14th birthday. Holly was such a gift, she will forever be in my heart and with me in spirit.

Eddie the 'Reiki Cat'

Our cat Eddie came to our house as a stray. My Cat mittens was eighteen years old and was very ill. He was a gift to help us to recover from Mittens crossing over.

When Eddie first came to our house I was sending him Reiki energy and he would meow at me from the woods. He eventually came closer and closer. Now he is a very loved member of our family and enjoys frequent Reiki sessions and is attuned to Second Degree Reiki.

He loves to help with Reiki sessions and Reiki practices. He starts by rubbing his whiskers under the Reiki table then he will jump up and help where needed. Eddie is a ‘Reiki Cat!”

Lucy and Annabell 'Reiki Donkeys'

When I arrived at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary on a Sunday, there was a new donkey pacing frantically in a stall. She had been bought at an auction the day before. I started to send Reiki to her from outside the stall. After a few minutes she stopped pacing and was accepting the Reiki energy. I sat in the stall with Annabell (her new name) for the rest of the day, offering her Reiki. I told her it was a very safe place to live and that she was so lucky to end up at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.

What a huge difference Reiki made to this new scared donkey. She started to eat some hay and carrots and drink some water. Annabell even layed down and rested.

Eight months have passed since I first met Annabell. I volunteer at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary once a week offering Reiki to it's animal residents. I have gotten to know Annabell very well and she now has a favourite donkey friend Lucy.

Both Annabell and Lucy love Reiki. I call them my "Reiki Sponges!" Reiki has helped Annabell to heal physically and emotionally and she is a wonderful addition to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.  Annabell thinks so too

Miss Kitty the Reiki Cat

Very early one morning Winnie our dog woke us up. She was barking, so we came downstairs and heard a kitten meowing very loudly on our front step outside. I couldn't believe my eyes! A very tiny orange kitten. I picked her up and immediately my hands started to send her Reiki. Her belly was bloated and she was very hungry.

I have no idea where she came from. I called neighbours later in the morning, the vets and the animal shelters. No one had a lost a kitten.

Miss Kitty now lives with us, her cat brother Eddie and dog sister Winnie. Miss Kitty is very friendly and loves to greet people. I have attuned Miss Kitty to First Degree Reiki and she loves to attend Reiki practices and Reiki courses.

Patsy and Amos

Patsy is a very sweet donkey that lives at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Patsy is blind. Her guide donkey friend Amos died a few months ago. Amos took such good care of Patsy and made sure she was safe. Patsy misses Amos and since she is blind she didn't see his body after he had passed away.

I have been giving Patsy Animal Reiki sessions which helps her emotionally. Jonathon Cupcake who is a miniature donkey that also lives at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary is staying with Patsy sometimes and stays with her at night in a stall in the barn. Patsy is improving and we are hoping Jonathon Cupcake will take over as Patsy's guide donkey and friend


Update on Patsy the blind donkey and Guide Donkey Jonathon Cupcake

Patsy is doing very well with her seeing eye donkey Jonathon Cupcake. Recently Patsy had to have surgery to have her eyes removed because they were sinking in and getting infected. Jonathon Cupcake went to Milton Ontario with Patsy and helped to keep her calm on the ride there and while she was at the vets to have surgery.

Jonathon has been known to guide Patsy to different areas of the sanctuary to keep her safe if some of the other donkeys are getting a little wild. If Patsy gets 'stuck' somewhere and isn't sure of an area, she brays and Jonathon comes to her resuce.

Jonathon is doing an amazing job as her guide donkey and I'm sure Amos is looking down from donkey heaven being very proud of both Patsy and Jonathon Cupcake. Patsy is the in the back of the picture and Jonathon Cupcake is in the front.

Ruby the pot bellied pig helped by Animal Reiki

I am showing off Ruby the pink potbellied pig and Petunia the black potbellied pig (both sleeping) at one of the Animal Reiki Workshops in this photo, in 2011.

Ruby lives at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. She lost her pig friend Beau that also lived at the sanctuary. After Beau passed away, Ruby was lost. Ruby is also blind so she could smell but not see that he was not with her.

Ruby and Beau used to sleep in their pig house together in the barn at the sanctuary. After Beau passed away, Ruby was very sad. She hid in another stall in the barn not wanting to go back into her pig house, missing Beau so much.

I cleared the negative energy in the pig house and stall that Ruby and Beau used to share. I then filled the areas with Reiki (which is a very positive healing energy ).  I also did some mental/emotional healing on Ruby.

Shortly after, she went back into her pig house. I continued sending her Reiki both in person and distance. She improved and I know she still missed Beau but she felt better.

Ruby still lives at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary today (2015) and loves Reiki and belly rubs and combining the two make Ruby very happy!

Here's a photo of my grandson giving Ruby a belly rub

Elvira the Donkey

Elvira was sad because her horse friend had gone to a race horse sanctuary.

After her first Animal Reiki session; she felt so much better. She went out in the barn yard and was kicking up her heels.

 I continued offering Elvira Reiki sessions and she continued to improve. Elvira has since passed away, but I know reiki made her life better.

Peanut the littlest chipmunk

Peanut is the smallest chipmunk that I have ever seen. There is a peanut in the picture to show you how small she was. I sent Peanut the chipmunk Reiki healing energy and she would sit outside and look at me, thanking me for the healing. I would see her every day and send Reiki. She is now as big as the other chipmunks and it is hard to tell them apart. Reiki is an amazing gift to offer to all big and small.

Dragonflies and Butterflies with Reiki

I love to sit outside in the warm weather and offer Reiki to the earth and all of it's creatures.

Often when I am doing this, I will receive attention from dragonflies and butterflies. They will come very close and flutter near me, accepting the wonderful Reiki energy that I am offering to them.

The energy that I feel from these delicate creatures is amazing, what an experience that they will allow me to be so close to them in their energy.

Chickadees, Bluejays and Reiki

I feed the birds year round and energize their sunflower seeds and suet with Reiki. We have such a variety of birds that come to visit.

The chickadees will come and take the seeds from my hand as I am offering them Reiki with the seeds.  I feel their little feet with their very quick energy on my hand. What fun!

When I am filling the feeders the chickadees almost land on my head! I also put peanuts out for the bluejays. I energize them with Reiki too. Birds love Reiki too!

Lamby the Lamb and Animal Reiki

Lamby the lamb was not eating and had a hard belly. I gave him Animal Reiki and started to feel some movement in his belly, Reiki starts things to move. He had a poop and started to be more active and started to act hungry which he hadn't done since the day before. The vet was already on his way and gave Lamby a checkup and some medicine for gas. Lamby is feeling better and I will continue to send him Reiki and see him again soon when I volunteer at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. p.s. he's still in the house until the weather gets warmer :))))

Lamby and Preston

Lamby (Lamont) has a new goat friend named Preston. They get along very well. Here's a picture of them in the barn in the winter. They both enjoy their Reiki sessions and are not sure if they are donkeys, cats or people! They are outside in a lovely field for the nicer weather.

I wanted to share this wonderful experience with everyone. I have been offering Lucy a 50 year old donkey at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary Reiki for the past 6 years. She loves Reiki healing energy and will show you where she wants your hands placed. Yesterday without knowing that Lucy has a cyst in her right 'arm pit' (right front leg), she put that leg out towards me a couple of times saying 'here!' Lucy is such a sweet girl and it is a gift to help her and the other animals at the sanctuary feel better with Reiki.
 Here is a photo of Lucy (lighter colored donkey) and her best friend Annabelle. https://www.cedarcovewellness.com/animal-reiki-training

Ben and Animal Reiki sessions

Ben donkey has some neck issues and Animal Reiki helps him to feel better. He will bray telling me thank you after I give him Reiki healing energy.

When he first arrived at the sanctuary, he couldn't bray (use his lovely hee haw donkey voice), because he couldn't lift his head high enough to bray.

PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary is an amazing sanctuary where the donkeys have their own wellness staff. I have volunteered offering Reiki to the wonderful animals for the past 6 years. They also have a massage therapist and animal chiropractor too!


Ricky's mom emailed me and said “Ricky is not himself this morning, his co-ordination is off." I wasn't available to do an in person Animal Reiki session with Ricky, but did have time to send him a distance session.

I also asked if Ricky had a veterinarian appointment which he did later that day.

I sent Ricky a distance Reiki session. I then called and let his person know what I felt through Ricky's energy.

A while later I got this wonderful email: "I have to tell you that before you called he lay down, his anxiety and heart rate went down and he rested with his (Reiki) towel for over half an hour. This must have been when you were sending him the (distance) Reiki. Thank you so much!"

Ricky received an 'in person' session on Friday and I received a wonderful email and photo of Reiki with his Reiki towel and this!

'Ricky ran across the backyard this morning! Thank you so much!!!'

This wonderful sweet boy is a 16 year old Havanese and I am so very happy that he is feeling better!

Ricky had also had a vet appointment, received some remedies from the vet, and seen a chiropractor as well. Everything worked well together for Ricky's highest and greatest good!

Here is a photo of Ricky with his Reiki energized towel.


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