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Animal Reiki Training

Animal Reiki Training at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Please click here to read what the ladies from A Pet Nanny Plus had to say about the Animal Reiki Workshop

Cost for this workshop is $160.00 ($140.00 for students that have taken a Reiki level 1, 2 or 3 from me.)

Prerequisite is First Degree Reiki (Reiki Level One) that was taught in person.

If you have taken Reiki from someone other than myself; I will need a copy of your Reiki certificate.

  • Learn how to approach animals with Reiki.

  • Learn about using Reiki with animal chakras.

  • Learn about the importance of grounding and protecting yourself (and how to do it)  when working with animals.

  • Learn about Reiki hand positions for animals (hands on and hands off)

  • How to begin and end an animal Reiki session.

  • Learn how to energize food, water, blankets and other items with Reiki for extra healing.

  • Animal Reiki Techniques: Scanning and getting rid of unwanted energy, Reiki blood cleansing and joint to joint technique.

  • Using colour therapy with Animal Reiki

  • Animal Spirit Guide Guided Meditation with Reiki infused crystal.

  • Take home a Reiki infused/charged towel and crystal.

  • Practice Animal (Equine) Reiki with the donkeys, mules and cats at  PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary in this Animal Reiki  Workshop.

  • Receive  Animal Reiki manual and Certificate of Completion.

$30.00 from each students workshop fee is donated to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. 

The morning portion will be held at Cedar Cove Wellness in Baltimore (Cobourg, Ontario area), the afternoon portion will be held at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary offering Reiki sessions to the donkeys, mules and cats. 

Hot water and a variety of teas and water included.

Next Animal Reiki workshop is on Monday June 24th 9am-3pm.

Monday June 24th 9am-3pm. Please contact Susan  to sign up for this. 

Advanced Animal Reiki Training 

Advanced Animal Reiki Training with Practice at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Prerequisite is Reiki Level 2 (any lineage) and Animal Reiki workshop from Cedar Cove Wellness (either Animal Reiki Training or Small Animal Reiki)

  • Distance sessions specifically for pets and animals

  • Using emotional healing and affirmations with animals.

  • Using Reiki to heal the animal’s past

  • Reiki and connecting to animals in spirit

  • Pendulum use with animals and their chakras (pendulum included or bring your own)

  • Chakra crystal set for animals included in workshop.

  • Animal Reiki session procedures using symbols

  • Animal Reiki and transitions using symbols

  • Animal Reiki practitioner guidelines tips and information

  • Advanced Animal Reiki training manual.

  • And much more!


Morning portion of the day is held at Cedar Cove Wellness in Baltimore (Cobourg Ontario area) and Reiki practice with the animals at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary for the afternoon portion of the day.


Please check the event on the calendar for dates, times and location of animal reiki practice.

Advanced Animal Reiki certificate upon completion.

Tea and water included.

Cost is $160.00, $30 from each student’s fee is donated to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Next Advanced Animal Reiki workshop is Friday June 14th 9am to 3pm.

Small Animal Reiki Workshop

Prerequisite is First Degree Reiki (Reiki Level One) that was taught in person.

We will be concentrating on learning how to offer Reiki to small or companion animals. Learn how to offer your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and rodent Reiki. Lots of tips and ample time to discuss problems and solutions. Excellent for owners, groomers, vets, vet techs and volunteers.


You will learn how to approach animals with Reiki, learn Animal Reiki techniques, learn about animal chakras, learn the importance of grounding yourself (and how to do it), learn about Reiki hand positions for animals (hands on, hands off and from a short distance), how to begin and end a session, how to energize items, food and water (for extra Reiki healing) and the Animal Reiki code of ethics. Receive Reiki energized crystal and towel, manual and certificate of completion.


There is no hands on experience in this workshop. Ongoing support, advice and guidance after the workshop. Cost is $100. 4 hour workshop.

Thursday July 4th 9:30am-1:30pm. Please contact Susan if you'd like to sign up for this.

Susan Rouse has been working with animals and healing energy since 2003 and teaching Animal Reiki since 2009. Please contact Susan to sign up for any of these workshops or for more information           905-376-2266 or

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