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Animal Reiki Training Workshops

Cedar Cove Wellness has two different types of Animal Reiki Training Workshops.

In both workshops you learn how to approach animals with Reiki, learn Animal Reiki techniques, learn about animal chakras, learn the importance of grounding yourself (and how to do it), learn about Reiki hand positions for animals (hands on, hands off and from a short distance), how to begin and end a session, how to energize items, food and water (for extra Reiki healing) and the Animal Reiki code of ethics. Receive Reiki energized crystal and towel, manual and certificate of completion.

Morning portion: In both workshops we will be at Cedar Cove Wellness in Baltimore, a short drive from Cobourg, ON. learning about Animal Reiki.

Animal Reiki Workshop: We will be learning how to offer Reiki to a variety of animals and pets. Lots of Animal Reiki techniques, tools and tips.

Animal Reiki Workshop Afternoon portion: We will be offering Reiki to the donkeys, mules, sheep, goats and cats at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.

https://www.cedarcovewellness.com/animal-reiki-workshop . $30.00 is donated from each student's fee to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.

Small Animal Reiki Workshop: We will be concentrating on learning how to offer Reiki to small or companion animals. Learn how to offer your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and rodent Reiki. Lots of tips and ample time to discuss problems and solutions. Excellent for owners, groomers, vets, vet techs and volunteers. There is no hands on experience in this workshop. Cost is $100. 4 hour workshop.

Please see calendar for dates of upcoming workshops

Susan Rouse has been working with animals and healing energy since 2003 and teaching Animal Reiki since 2009. Please contact Susan to sign up for the workshop or for more information 905-377-1743 or info@cedarcovewellness.com