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Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki was first developed by Reiki Master Martyn Pentecost. It combines the energy of traditional Usui Reiki along with the earth energies of various Celtic trees and the Ogham alphabet. 

During these classes, you will learn the various Celtic Tree Ogham and how to use them to deepen your practice and how to connect on a deeper level with the energies of the earth and trees all around us. 

A manual, attunements and certificate of completion will be provided in each level. 

Celtic Reiki Level 1

Prerequisite is Usui level 1 and 2

Cost is $125.00

Celtic Reiki Level 2 

Prerequisite is Celtic Reiki Level 2 

Cost is $150.00

Celtic Reiki Master Teacher

Prerequisite is Celtic Reiki Level 2 and Usui Reiki Master Teacher

More information coming. 

Maximum of 6 people.