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Testimonials from satisfied clients of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Axiatonal Alignment sessions and students of Reiki Courses, Animal Reiki Training, Axiatonal Alignment and Black Pearl Classes.

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Quotes I have received both Reiki and Therapeutic Touch (both distance and in person) from Susan. I felt so relaxed and my pain was relieved. Thank-you again, S.H. from Utica, Ontario Quotes
Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Sessions
My pain was relieved.

Quotes Thanks so much for the wonderful (First Degree Reiki ) class, I found it truly inspiring. J.W. Toronto Ontario Quotes
First Degree Reiki Course
Truly Inspiring!

Quotes Coming to your classes has really brought such pleasure and joy to my life. Thanks again! J.L.T from Oshawa, Ontario Quotes
First Degree Reiki Course and Animal Reiki Workshop
Joy to my life.

Quotes I'll be sure to keep an eye on your schedule, and most definitely I'll attend some practices. But of course, keep me on the mailing list! Can't wait to do my level 2, and beyond! Great meeting you too, and thanks again for the Level 1 training. Reiki Rocks! Cheers, D.K. from Warkworth, Ontario Quotes
Reiki Level 1
Reiki Rocks!

Quotes Thanks again, I had a great time and it was very informative and interesting. Many thanks, K.S. from Cobourg Ontario Quotes
First Degree Reiki Course
Very Informative and Interesting

Quotes Hi Susan, Just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful experiences......I am working on some pets around the house. An old stray who comes to eat at the front door. He looked as though he was enjoying himself and when I had to go to answer the phone he looked as though I had just woke him up. Thanks for the new lease on life. It feels good. D.O. from Toronto, Ontario Quotes
Reiki gave me a new lease on life.
Lovely email from a lady that took the Animal Reiki Workshop

Quotes My reiki session was excellent. Susans hands changed from hot to cold (which was really neat) and I saw a variety of colors while she was working on me. I also have taken my First and Second levels of Reiki from Susan. She was very patient and both classes were not at all overwhelming. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to help themself and others. My son and cat love reiki! I do too! Thanks so much, J.A Courtice Ontario Quotes
I love Reiki!
Reiki session and First and Second Degree Reiki Courses.

Quotes Susan, Thank you so much for the amazing reiki experience. I felt a wonderful release and had my first experience of an extra pair of hands working with you. I also saw sparkling bright light. Blessings, J. C. Oshawa Ontario Quotes
Amazing Reiki Experience
1st Reiki session with me.

Quotes Hi Susan, I sincerely thank you very, very much for your long distance therapeutic touch. The finger has fully healed now with just a slight scar for a reminder. Without your help, things would have been a lot worse. The wound was deep maybe close to the bone and the hot water, salt and tea tree oil just would not have been enough. Your gift is very special and very much appreciated. Thanks again, P.T. Haliburton Ontario Quotes
This is a letter from a lady whose cat bit her finger.
Distance Therapeutic Touch session
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