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Testimonials from satisfied clients of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Axiatonal Alignment sessions and students of Reiki Courses, Animal Reiki Training and Axiatonal Alignment Classes.

Quotes "I took my Reiki Master level with Susan in 2012. I found the course to be well organized, and the space was perfect - we had a lovely inside space to work in, and also access to her beautiful backyard for walks, lunch and our attunements. Susan had obviously put a lot of work into setting everything up. She had created her own training manuals and was generous enough to give these to us for us to use when teaching. I found this to be really helpful, so that I could gradually develop my own style and add what I wanted to add to the course, while having a solid base to work from. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to visit the donkey sanctuary, where I could see that Susan really took care of the animals and they appreciated it. I would recommend Susan's Reiki courses and beeswax candles. ML Quotes
Reiki Master Teacher Course
Recommend Susan's Reiki courses and beeswax candles

Quotes I love Reiki!!! Just got home from having Penny's staples out after her TTA surgery. They are amazed with how well she is doing, and the tech commented on how well-healed the incision is. The tech had a bit of a rough time because skin and hair were growing around the staples - and we are 2 weeks post op. When I told her I have been doing reiki on Penny, she commented, "Oh, that's why!" The tech is an animal massage therapist and is hoping to learn reiki as she has seen the good results from it. I told her I had a great teacher, Susan Rouse of Cedar Cove Wellness: Reiki for People & Pets! Thank you! From Bev Molly (Facebook post) Quotes
Reiki for People and Pets Course
Great Reiki Teacher

Quotes Hi Susan, I am so excited, I cut myself this morning (a little one), did Reiki on it, and it immediately stopped bleeding. Now, at 1pm it looks days old! I'm signing up for Level 2 as soon as possible! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic teaching. S.H. Cobourg, Ontario Quotes
First Degree Reiki Level 1 Course
Enthusiastic Reiki Teacher

Quotes Hi Susan, I wanted to let you know that my girl seems much better since this morning. For the first time in at least a week and half, she ate all of her food and seems to have regained her appetite. She seems a bit brighter and better too, so she must be feeling better. I'm so glad I decided to call you and ask you to come for another (Animal Reiki) session. Thanks again, S.D. Cobourg, Ontario Quotes
Animal Reiki Session for a Dog
Reiki helped dog to regain appetitie

Quotes Hi Susan: I want to thank you for being such an inspiring teacher! I really enjoyed the last 2 days and I am excited about incorporating distance healing and my new symbols when I practice Reiki! You are very inspiring and you have a wonderful learning environment...fantastic that you are welcoming, and respectful and open so that your students are free to learn, be themselves, and enjoy the Reiki. I am so glad that I came back to complete my Reiki with you - I will keep in touch about future courses. Have a wonderful blessed evening! J.A. Peterborough, Ontario Quotes
Second Degree Reiki Level 2 Course
Inspiring Reiki Teacher!

Quotes Susan is a caring professional who is dedicated to her practice and teaching others. She is organized, resourceful, supportive, knowledgeable and makes time for her students and graduates. Susan's passion for what she does is also evident in her volunteer work and support of PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary & the Northumberland Humane Society. I love her handcrafted beeswax candles - they are heavenly - and can't wait to try her soaps!! I highly recommend Susan as Reiki Instructor for people and pets. Christine Noble Seller, Kingston, ON. Quotes
Reiki for People and Pets Courses
Dedicated Reiki Instructor

Quotes " I recently took Cedar Cove Wellness's Reiki 1 course (First Degree Reiki) and I was so pleased by my experience. The setting was beautiful and calming, with a warm and engaging environment to learn in. Susan is a wonderful, caring instructor who is fun and informative. She teaches this ancient wellness technique in a way that honors the intent and raises the bar for instruction and comprehension for the student. I highly recommend this class, and I am looking forward to taking the next level with Susan when I am ready. Gerri Bird, Colborne, ON" Quotes
First Degree Reiki Course
Ancient Wellness Technique

Quotes Susan Rouse is one of our dearest friends. The love and dedication that she gives us as a volunteer is remarkable...countless hours and the greatest kindness that a human can share with an animal. All animals, I think she'd even Reiki a snake! lol In addition to countless hours at the farm, she brings her students out during an Animal Reiki class and donates a very generous portion of the tuition to the farm. She makes incredible beeswax candles and she donated a percentage of sales in May to the farm. So, so generous!! Check out her website for all her courses. If you are sitting on the fence and thinking about learning more, give her a call, you will so enjoy talking to Susan! Quotes
Testimonial from PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary
Dedicated volunteer

Quotes A few weeks back I took the Reiki 1st degree class with Susan. Miles, our Bernese Mountain Dog has always had a very sensitive gag reflex ever since we rescued him just over 2 years ago. If the smallest piece of food gets caught in his throat he will start to lick his lips, drool and eat copious amounts of grass until he throws up. This used to happen every couple of days - now we have it down to less often. It happened the other day - so I went outside with him and gave him Reiki concentrating on his throat and tummy. He stopped his licking, settled down and didn't get sick - this was the first time I have been able to stop it. My husband was so impressed! He said I have to keep doing this! As well, I have formed a deeper bond with my rescue horse by giving him Reiki every chance I get! Thank you. Susan Dall, Belleville, ON. Quotes
First Degree Reiki Course
Give Reiki Every Chance I Get

Quotes Hi Susan!!! Just a quick note to say Thank You once again for making the beautiful candles. The energy from them was amazing. Their scent, their glow, their warmth had everyone enthralled with their magic and purity. What a beautiful setting to share with everyone. I know where I will be buying my candles from now on. Thanks again!!!!! Darlene Dobbie, Doruo, ON Quotes
Beeswax Wedding Candles
Amazing Candles
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