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Testimonials from satisfied clients of Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment and the Healing Energy Technique sessions and students of Reiki Courses, Animal Reiki Training, Axiatonal Alignment Classes.

Quotes "There are many Reiki teachers, many who teach close to where I reside, yet, I travel close to 3 hours to take classes with Susan. It is a testament to her passion for Reiki (and animals), the quality of her teachings and the atmosphere that she creates during her courses. I will continue to study with Susan and would not hesitate to recommend her for both learning and healing." Iris Quotes
Passion for Reiki
Recommended for learning Reiki and healing

Quotes August 9, 2014 was an eye opener attending Reiki First Degree classes with Susan. Her courses were very professional and detailed giving far more information than expected, and the hands on for giving Reiki and Receiving was very energizing and relaxing. We are simply a tool to manipulate and conduct positive energy flow through various objects to make a stronger being, and release the negative that are hindering productivity and health. Thank you Susan for opening my eyes... Virginia Patten (testimonial from Facebook review/testimonial) Quotes
First Degree Reiki Level 1 Course Cedar Cove Wellness
Reiki Course was an eye opener

Quotes Susan, Thank you so much for the gift you gave to me by introducing me to this wonderful ability. I have not had a problem with my back or sinus since being there in July (and I have been very busy in the garden which usually sparks some tension in my back). I have also found that I am very much more receptive to energy around me and seeing energy in the flora around me. It is very very exciting and I can't wait to move on to the next step. Thanks again, Brightest Blessings, M.E.M Courtice Ontario Quotes
Reiki Course
Reiki is a gift.

Quotes Susan was incredible. I went in with a slight apprehensive mind and came out feeling like a different person. Reiki will be something I use every day. Thank you so much Susan for introducing Reiki to me. It was a mind blowing experience! Quotes
Mind blowing experience!
Reiki course

Quotes Thank you so much for opening your Reiki studio for all the Reiki practices and much, much, more. The classes are fun, the people are wonderful and the energy is buzzing. Love it! Thank you, Love and Light, Marlene J. Quotes
Reiki classes and practices
Thank you

Quotes Thank you! I had an absolutely wonderful time! And I can't wait to share all this Reiki love! My hand has been turning on and off just like you said it would. Truly amazing experience. Can't wait to take level 2 as well as your animal Reiki courses! H.L.K. Sunderland ON Quotes
Reiki Level 1 Truly Amazing Experience
Reiki Hands

Quotes Namaste Susan; for a wonderful informative course yesterday. I re-read the Small Animal Reiki manual this morning and absorbed even more on the re-read. It is a very practical manual - thank you for putting it together for us. I then practiced Reiki on my dog Roxie. Especially the envisioning her as being younger, vibrant and happy & healthy. We love our 13 year old border collie/black lab mix and want her around as part of our family for as long as Universe allows in a healthy happy state. thank you so much for sharing Animal Reiki and helping all animals be free of suffering and their causes of suffering, for helping them be happy and healthy ! blessings of JOY, Peace & Gratitude C.S. Ajax ON Quotes
Small Animal Reiki Workshop
Thanks for sharing Animal Reiki

Quotes Just wanted to say thank you Susan for all your help over the last few years. What an awesome experience it has been to take your energy classes and to obtain my Reiki Master. With your help and encouragement I am now setting out on my own, making my dream come true to help other people and to teach Reiki. I hope your example will show when I am teaching students or giving a treatment and am honoured to call you my friend and mentor!! Thanks so much!! Darlene MacFarlane Dobbie, Bancroft, ON Quotes
Reiki Energy Classes Awesome Experience
Reiki Master friend and mentor

Quotes I am so excited to give this review! I was interested in Reiki classes and like most people, went to the internet, so much out there, it can be confusing. I came across Susan's site and it was fairly local to me and the classes were in person and not online, can't imagine learning what I did online! I contacted Susan and asked if we could meet so I could ask some questions and basically 'check her out'. We connected quite nicely and Susan even planned a class just for me so I could get my level I before the end of the year. The class was amazing and fun and relaxing and enlightening, I could go on! I was literally bubbling over with excitement. I can't wait for level II in the New Year but mostly would recommend Susan to anyone who is curious or wants to learn. She also is very gracious in answering my many questions. Two very BIG thumbs up from me! Susan, I can't thank you enough for all you have done and I look forward to a growing relationship with you! Cathy, Ajax ON Quotes
Amazing, fun and relaxing Reiki class at Cedar Cove Wellness
Very happy with Reiki Level 1 Course

Quotes Reiki is a wonderful and amazing gift to give to our furry friends and Susan is a most spectacular and caring teacher and practitioner!! People and animals alike benefit from her caring touch!! Quotes
Reiki Course and sessions
Reiki is an amazing gift for people and animals
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