Reiki Attunement for Animals Certificates Reiki Attunement for Animals Certificates Holly the Reiki Dog This is my sweety Holly. I still feel her presence around our home and other people have seen her spirit. She helped with Reiki attunements by standing beside me while I attuned students, when she felt comfortable with them. She was always a little 'wild' and we thought she might have been part coyote. My mom had found her in her barn soaking wet as a small puppy. Holly had her 3rd level Reiki attunement for animals 165223578 Winnie the Reiki Dog Winnie attends most Reiki courses. You can feel the Reiki energy from her paws. She was attuned to the Level 1 Reiki attunement for animals at 2 months old. 165223575 Eddie the Reiki Cat Eddie has been attuned to Reiki since 2008. This is Eddie's Reiki Attunement for Animals certificate. Eddie has been known to help out with Reiki sessions. He will start to rub his whiskers under the Reiki table, then decide if his help is needed. 165223576 Miss Kitty the Reiki Cat 165223577 Cleo 'Pudders' the Reiki Cat Cleo cat accepted the Level 1 Reiki Attunement for Animals. I always ask permission before I offer the attunement. Cleo loved the Reiki energy. She's a very sweet girl with amazing energy. 176401310 Finnegan the Reiki Dog Finnegan the dog says "I send Reiki energy into the world when I bark" 176401853 Frobisher the Reiki Cat Frobisher has received the Level 1 Reiki Attunement for animals and says "I use Reiki energy to heal myself" Frobisher has a chronic illness and his person says he helps himself feel better with Reiki. 176401854 Gallifrey the Reiki Cat Gallifrey has received the Level 1 Reiki attunement for Animals and says 'I use reiki to send distance healing.' Gallifrey loves to help others feel better. 177995854 Big Bill the Reiki Dog 177999776 Brody the Reiki Dog 177999777 Mila the Reiki puppy This is Mila and she is a Minature Pinscher puppy or Min Pin. She was very excited to be attuned to Reiki. Although she was excited she sat still on my knee and accepted her attunement with joy. She is my 'Grandpuppy' and I know Mila will spread Reiki energy where ever she goes. 181084332 Pianeault the Reiki Cat Reiki Kitty! This very handsome boy has received his Reiki Attunement for animals. When I connected with him and asked if he would like 'Reiki paws' I got 'Yes please!' Animals that are attuned to Reiki can channel Reiki energy to help themselves and others to feel better. Pianeault is a very sweet boy and his people are very happy he now has Reiki Paws. 181084333 Ricky the Reiki Dog 192890051