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Choosing a Reiki Master Teacher

Posted by cedarcovewellness on May 22, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I highly recommend that you speak to the Reiki Master Teacher in person or on the phone before you take any courses. It’s nice to get a sense of what the Reiki Master is like. 

1. How long has the Reiki Master been teaching?

2. Are there testimonials available? Or students you can speak to?

3. Will the Reiki Master be available for questions, support and guidance after the course?

4. Is there a Reiki Share or practice group available for you to attend? Is there a cost or is it complimentary with your Reiki course?

5. Do you receive a Reiki manual?

6. Do you receive a certificate or diploma upon completion?

7. Are the courses a reasonable amount of time? Not too short in time.

8. Does the Reiki Master know their lineage and will you receive a copy?

9. Does the Reiki Master belong to a professional association?

10. Do they carry insurance? Can they advise you where to obtain insurance and offer you advice on offering Reiki professionally? (if that’s what you want to do in the future)

11. What are the number of students in the classes? You’ll learn more in a small class.

12. Are they professional?

13. I suggest taking the Reiki course in person. Online classes may be available but you will not get in person instruction from the Reiki Master and experience receiving a Reiki session from another student.

14. What are the costs for each course, how long do they recommend in between courses and how often do they teach? Don’t be rushed into taking courses too quickly.

15. What type of Reiki do they teach? Usui (Shiki Ryoho) is the original type.

16. How much practice do you get during the class? And what do you learn?

17. How many attunements for each level?

18. Does the Reiki Master provide receipts?

19. Can you take the same course again at a discount or for no charge?

Go to the Canadian Reiki Association Website www.reiki.ca and look at the teacher evaluation forms, this will give you a good idea what to look for in the different levels of Reiki http://www.reiki.ca/application.htm

Reiki Blessings, Susan